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What do we do to celebrate achievements?

Within Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), achievement covers learning within curricular areas and interdisciplinary learning, but there is also an emphasis on children’s achievements in the widest sense, and on the skills they need for life, for learning and for work. Children acquire these skills in all sorts of ways, both in and out of school.

Here at St Nicholas, we are aware of how important it is to recognise and support the children’s achievements. We want our children to value and be proud of what they learn out with the classroom, as well as in it. We recognise and celebrate these achievements in many ways, including: assemblies, certificates, displays, posting on Seesaw, class reward systems, class shout outs, Truly Trusted awards (linked to Gospel values) and the Spirit of St Nicholas Award at the end of P7.


What do we mean by wider achievement?

Wider achievement means everything that children learn from hobbies, interests, sports, fundraising, and so on. It is not always about going to a club, it is about whatever opportunities you can give them, whether it’s teaching them to ride a bike or to make a pot of soup, it helps your child learn something useful and gain confidence and a sense of satisfaction.

Through activities your child is involved in, they are developing important skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work that can be of real value to them as they grow up, such as getting on with other people, being helpful, respectful, adaptable and open to new ideas, being creative and taking responsibility.


What can you do to help?

  • Encourage your child to learn new things and to be proud of what they can do.
  • Encourage your child to tell their teacher(s) about their achievements so that it can be shared in class and at assembly (we will be introducing a form on our website shortly, so that you can inform the school about your child’s achievements there).
  • Encourage your child to bring in their medals, trophies or certificates to help them talk about their achievements.
  • It is always great to get a photo that represents your child’s achievement so that we can display it in school. Please email any photographs into school with the subject Wider Achievement.