Our Depute Head Boy & Depute Head Girl

Harris and Sarah

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Our Junior Management Team


Adam, Aiden, Andrea, Arden, Celine, Charlie

David, Eve, Fay, Jamie, Lomond, Mara

Mollie, Natalie, Olivia, Orla, Sophia, Teddy



Role Purpose  

The Junior Management Team will share a passion and commitment to St Nicholas’ Primary School. They will support the Head Teacher and the Senior Management Team in making sure that pupil voice is represented in key decisions and developments throughout the year. The role will involve representing the school at a variety of events, demonstrating positive behaviours and acting as role models for all pupils.  


Main Duties  
  • To represent the pupils and ensure they have a say in decision making. 
  • To help lead initiatives to enhance the school experience for pupils.
  • To assist the Head Boy/Girl to support the school at events.
  • To take responsibility as role models for younger pupils.


Personal Qualities 

Prospective candidates must: 

  • Have the ability to work  co-operatively with others.
  • Be able to  use their initiative to contribute to the positive ethos of the school.
  • Be organised, responsible, and enthusiastic.
  • Maintain excellent behaviour, uniform, attendance and punctuality.