Children who live in East Dunbartonshire are eligible to attend either the denominational or non-denominational secondary school in their delineated catchment area.

You do not need to submit a Placing Request if you want your child to transfer to a non-denominational secondary school as long as the intended secondary school is still the catchment school for your home address. 

All East Dunbartonshire secondary schools have associated primary schools. These schools work together as part of a 3 to 18 cluster to ensure progression and continuity in children’s learning. St Nicholas’ Primary works with schools and staff within the Turnbull Cluster.

If you wish to continue your child’s education in the denominational sector, the denominational secondary schools for children in St Nicholas’ Primary are:

Information regarding priorities for Allocating Places in a Secondary School in the event of being oversubscribed by catchment children during the placing round can be found in the link below.

Please note that as St. Nicholas’ Primary School is not within 5 miles of our associated secondary school, we follow the same criteria as all Bearsden and Milngavie Primaries.

EDC Admission Policy – Transfer Arrangements