St Nicholas’ Primary School will officially open its doors in August 2018 to welcome in our new school community. This individually designed school will provide a high quality learning environment which is purpose built to meet the demands of delivering Curriculum for Excellence. Through an extensive consultation process pupils, parents and staff contributed to developing a creative learning environment with flexible use of space, indoor and outdoor learning areas, individually designed performance areas, active play and sports areas and social spaces. With interactive whiteboards in each classroom and WiFi access throughout, high performance technology will support the implementation of our curriculum.

As a new school community, we will work in partnership with pupils, parents, staff and partners to establish our school’s vision and aims built on our shared Gospel values. Through our nurturing Catholic ethos we will ensure children feel connected to, and take pride in, their new school community. Over the years we have worked to align our curriculum, develop shared learning and teaching approaches and provide opportunities for pupils to work together. This will ensure a smooth transition for our pupils and we will continue to provide support to ensure all of our pupils feel safe, happy and ready to learn. 

As we have worked towards the opening of our new school, helping shape the design, selecting its name, designing a new uniform and badge, I have been very impressed with the commitment and enthusiasm displayed by pupils, staff and parents. This will provide a strong foundation for our new community of faith and learning. I would like to thank the Interim Parent Council for its invaluable contribution towards developing our new school and look forward to continuing to build effective partnerships with parents as we work together to support our children in the next steps of this exciting journey.