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Our House System

Our House System was introduced to help to promote good work and behaviour and encourage the philosophy of team spirit, fair play and togetherness. It also incorporates the Catholic values and ethos of our school and aims to be an integral part of our school community.

We have 4 Houses in St Nicholas’ Primary all named after Scottish Islands. The House names were decided following a whole school vote in 2019. Each House has an allocated colour.


  • Skye (Blue)
  • Lewis (Yellow)
  • Arran (Green)
  • Tiree (Red)


Every child in the school has been allocated to one of 4 Houses. There is a mix of pupils across all stages in each House and family members are in the same House group. Children have been provided with a badge in their House colour to indicate which House they belong to. This will help develop a sense of House identity within the school community. Please encourage your child to wear the badge to school every day and to look after it.

What have we done to rejuvenate the House System so far in 2021-22?

Primary 7 children were invited to apply for the post of House Captain. Interested children completed a manifesto highlighting their skills and qualities and outlined how they would work with Mrs Grogan and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to develop the House System. Every pupil who applied was invited to a short interview with the SLT. All of the children did really well and were a real credit to themselves and their parents. It was very difficult to decide on the House Captains for 2021-22 and the results were very close.


The House Captains for 2021-22 are

  • Arran – Chloe & Sophia
  • Lewis – Ciara & Lucy
  • Skye – Katie & Isabel
  • Tiree – Abigayle & Neve


The newly appointed House Captains have been working hard to decide how the House System will work, including introducing a new House points system.

The House Captains planned a fantastic Christmas Quiz for the whole school which took place in the last week of the Christmas term. The winner of the Quiz was announced by the House Captains at assembly. We are delighted to announce that Skye was the winner for both the infant and upper school quiz and earned the first points of the year for this achievement.

The House Captains planned and delivered a whole school online assembly, sharing their plans for the year ahead. They then delivered the house badges to everyone in the school.

What’s next?

The House Captains will plan challenges throughout the year, they will aim for at least one challenge/activity per term. The House Captains will need to be creative during these Covid times, since the children at this point in time will not be able to mix bubbles.

The points system will be agreed and implemented across the school. End of term rewards for the winning house will be agreed by the House Captains and SLT and will be shared with the whole school.

The House Captains will create a House Wall in the gym hall which will display House points, upcoming challenges and minutes of the House meetings. There will also be an opportunity on the display wall for children across the school to add any ideas they might have for the Houses.

Photographs of future House Challenges will be shared on twitter, see saw or the school website.