Dandelion project is a 6 month project following the growing season from April to September. It started with us when everyone in the school was given potato seeds to grow and it finished with the Harvest of all of the potatoes and a celebration of this. Some children were able to bring potatoes in to school and they were invited to get together and make soup and share it. They really enjoyed the soup, made from their own potatoes and even had enough to share in the lunch hall over the last 2 days – where lots of children had the chance to taste the home made soup. Both P4 classes also used the potatoes that some of the Primary 4 children grew to make mashed potatoes. They then celebrated in their class enjoying their food, singing a song and listening to stories. Finally, at harvest-time, we always try to think of others and think about how we can share what we have with them. We are doing this in 2 ways - we are going to donate our fresh home grown potatoes which we have not used to the local food bank. We also asked Mummies and daddies if they could donate any food and many have done so, which we really appreciate. They will all go to families who need them.

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